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The picture up there is of me and my son Ian. Ian has been living with me since May of this year, after removing himself from a dysfunctional situation at his mother’s house.

Ian needs dental work — he’s got a couple of broken molars that need to be pulled, sooner rather than later. He’s in pain, and infection in that area is not something that you want to risk. Unfortunately, his mother has already dropped him from her insurance.

I’m fairly lucky for a full-time writer — I have access to health insurance. The problem, however, is that we can only make changes to our coverage during the open enrollment period in October, and those changes will not take effect until January. The Insurance company is telling us that his being dropped from his mother’s coverage is not a qualifying event for us to immediately add him.

So the upshot: He desperately needs work done immediately, but will not be covered by our insurance until the new year. So I’m asking for help.

With the estimated costs of exam, x-rays, extraction, and medication, we figure that we need an extra $1K to be able to afford it. Any amount, of course, will help.

Please consider contributing a donation via the button below. In return, I’m more than willing to send you PDF copies of anything I’ve produced (including forthcoming work) – just drop me an email and let me know what you’d like.

Again, any amount will be a godsend to us — we need to get him taken care of, and we can’t wait for the wheels of American health care to turn as slowly as they are. If you can’t spare any contribution, please consider spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Boosting the signal will help, too.

Thanks for your support.

EDITED 6:00PM: Thank you SO MUCH. We hit our goal in just 5 hours. I have no words. This has helped us so much, I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. I’ll leave the button up until the post has been up for 24 hours, if anybody still wishes to help — any additional funds will go towards getting him started on the reconstruction he’ll need following the extractions.

Again: THANK YOU. My grinchy heart grew three sizes today.

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