This is the personal website and blog of Gareth-Michael Skarka: Writer, Game Designer, Publisher, Consultant and Adjunct Instructor for Game Design at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Insurgent Creative: one who makes a creative living direct to their audience as a small business, without going through the traditional gatekeeper corporations. Be small, think big, move fast.


That’s been my life since 2003 or so. It’s working out so far.


  • Gareth M. SkarkaWhen I see a submissions wish-list from an agent, 1st thing I check is if I've heard of any of their clients. Guess I'm a horrible person?,
  • Gareth M. SkarkaI've always considered myself a purist -- but the remastered FX are gorgeous (especially the 'beauty shots' of the Enterprise).,
  • Gareth M. SkarkaThis weekend & I watched a few Trek episodes via Netflix (rather than my DVDs) - first time I'm seeing re-mastered FX. WOW.,

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