This is the personal website and blog of Gareth-Michael Skarka: Writer, Game Designer, Publisher, Consultant and Adjunct Instructor for Game Design at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Insurgent Creative: one who makes a creative living direct to their audience as a small business, without going through the traditional gatekeeper corporations. Be small, think big, move fast.


That’s been my life since 2003 or so. It’s working out so far.


  • Gareth M. Skarka 🌹As requested, today's earlier twitter-thread, made into a "moment." ⚡️ “Toxicity & Hypocrisy” ,
  • Gareth M. Skarka 🌹(And yeah, I know I didn't thread that correctly. I'm bad at this.),
  • Gareth M. Skarka 🌹Honestly? If they're going to charge us with the crime of "toxicity" and "intolerance" -- I say we start actually being guilty. Fuck this.,

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