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Gareth-Michael Skarka is a writer, game designer, consultant, graphic designer and veteran of over twenty years in the entertainment business, having worked on properties ranging from Star Trek to Doctor Who and more.

He is the creator of Far West, a transmedia setting that mixes elements of Chinese Wuxia, Spaghetti Westerns and Steampunk, and is the founder and director of Adamant Entertainment, which began as a game design studio before expanding into publishing and transmedia development.

The married father of three lives in the old frontier (in Lawrence, Kansas), but works in the new one.


  • Gareth M. Skarka 🌹Spending Sunday afternoon watching Star Trek: The Animated Series. Haven't seen these in decades. ,
  • Gareth M. Skarka 🌹Based on social media pics, I fear that crucial msg of is being lost, in favor of smug "I'm smarter than you" nerd-jokes.,
  • Gareth M. Skarka 🌹I'm having an extraordinarily shitty day today.,

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