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Current Projects

So, what am I working on right now?

Some of it, obviously, I can’t disclose at the moment (for various reasons) — but briefly, here’s a look at what’s occupying my days right now:

  • Far West: The big transmedia project that I’ve been cooking for four years is finally up and running. The website, featuring fiction vignettes and more, is a big part of what I’m doing, as is the Adventure Game — the Kickstarter crowdfunding of which was a massive success, garnering nearly 10x our target goal. The fiction line launched in January 2012, starting with Tales of the Far West, a short story anthology for which I was editor (and contributed a story to as well). Future fiction releases will follow, as well as additional efforts ranging from audio dramas to a webseries.

  • Buckaroo Banzai: Read the press release. Currently awaiting approvals from the licensor — watch for more news at the Adamant Entertainment site!

  • Tales of New Crobuzon: A roleplaying game based upon the Bas-Lag books of China Miéville. Ongoing, watching for further announcements.

  • Various Unannounced Fiction Projects: Currently in various stages of development on a half-dozen or more fiction efforts. More information on these as they are officially announced.

Wow. When you lay it all out like that, I look really damned busy.


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