Provisions: New York Pizza

(Originally, this series was titled “Quarantine Provisions” — but of course, our government doesn’t do sensible things like Quarantining to kill off a pandemic, so…)

Alright. Take a look at that picture. If it makes your stomach growl, if you’re familiar with actual, honest-to-Brooklyn, no-nonsense, New York style pizza, you’re going to love this entry. I have, after spending half of my life, off and on, outside of the NY metropolitan area, finally cracked the formula for producing a NY-style pie at home. Read on.

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Another Year That Wasn’t

I haven’t posted here since February — 10 months ago. 2021 has been, like 2020 before it, another Year That Wasn’t, as I’m sure it has been for many of you. We occupy this bizarre, liminal space of being-yet-not-being, safe-yet-not-safe, healthy-yet-not-healthy.

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: The effects of this pandemic on the mental health of, well, the world, really, is impossible to reckon. We’re going to be dealing with a large segment of the population dealing with PTSD, and I don’t think we’ve collectively wrapped our brains around that, as we’re still in the midst of it.

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Quarantine Provisions: Doner Kebab

I absolutely love Doner. There’s a place here in town where I can get it, which is great, but I’ve also discovered this great cook on Youtube, Refika, who films in her kitchen in Instanbul and came up with a great recipe for doner.

In this video, she provides the recipe (which I’ve copied below), and shows the two methods of preparation: Turkish, and German-Turkish.

Visit her channel for some other great recipes, including a chicken shwarma!
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