Scores for Scriveners: Fantasy Grab-bag

Just looking at the image on the left there brings me back to my early teens, reading Robert E. Howard (whose birthday is today), and getting into Dungeons & Dragons. Back during those days, I (along with pretty much every D&D kid) tried my hand at writing fantasy. There were swords and dragons and monsters and it was all super cool — until I brought a copy to school, and a friend I’d given it to let somebody else see it, and I was mortified.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never written any more fiction in the fantasy or swords-and-sorcery genres? Who knows — that’s probably for a therapist to decide.

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Scores For Scriveners: Three Kingdoms

One of the things that people have said they’d enjoy reading from me is more about music. For a very long time, I ran a regular feature on this blog, which I called Friday Music — I shared stuff that I’d been listening to recently. I may do so again, but I thought it might be interesting to also devote some time to cover the sort of music that I listen to far more than anything else: Soundtracks.

When I write, it is accompanied by scores. Usually (although not exclusively) instrumental, and taken from film, television, video games, what-have-you. I have a frankly ridiculous library to select from, and I almost always begin a project by creating a playlist, designed to evoke the “feel” of what I’m trying to write. These playlists grow as I find new, evocative material, until they are many hours and, in some cases, days long.

Yeah. I might have a problem.

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