Let Fly!

Busy. Very busy. Trying to finish up several freelance contracts so that I can actually have a weekend. (Shock! Horror!)

In the meantime, enjoy this Shockwave catapult game, courtesy of an email sent to me from Steven Mateyka, one of my SCA friends from New Jersey.


Best in Show

Ken Hite has reviewed Skull & Bones in his online column, Out of the Box, placing it with 3 other products in a “Best in Show” category–which he defines as games that Do Everything Right.

“…this is the best “first generation” d20 setting book I have ever read.”

Every now and then, an ego-stroke is a welcome bonus.


Changing Faces…

I decided to swap out some of the linked blogs over there on the left.

Gone is Neil Gaiman (got tired of nothing but the quoting of fawning emails, updates about where he’s doing signings, and endless comments about his daughter–why does he never talk about his wife or son?), and in its place are the Livejournals of two more game industry friends: Ian Sturrock (he of the piratical bent and Welsh home, recently freed from indentured servitude to Mongoose), and Jason Blair (new father and designer of dangerous games).