Hrm. Apparently, some amateur astronomer has discovered what might be Earth’s third “moon”. I wasn’t even aware that we had two. Apparently, we do–the other was discovered in 86. How’d I miss that?

In other space news, Buzz Aldrin decked a conspiracy theorist on the jaw, so things can’t be all bad.

So, over on RPGnet, the cat’s out of the bag. (Check the third page of the thread.) I checked with my collaborator, Jason Roberts (author of FVLMINATA and head honcho of Thyrsus Games, and he was cool with it, so I “went public”, if in a minor way.

Jason and I are co-designing an alternate-history Napoleonic dark-fantasy/horror RPG, called Apollyon Noir: Black Powder, Black Magic. It was inspired by a bit of D20 fluff I had done for my 52 Pick-Up column over on RPGnet last year. We’ve de-D20’d it, and have designed what in my opinion is a wicked-cool new system for it. More on AN later…you know me, I love those design-in-progress updates.

Hell–if you’re interested in playtesting in early 2003, drop me a line.


I’m going to avoid the whole September 11th thing for now. I lost friends last year, and I don’t want to speculate about what’s going to happen this time out, if anything.

So, in the spirit of keeping my mind on other things….Hey, kids! Links!

New pics of Nessie! Yeah, I know…probably BS. But still, I hold a soft spot in my heart for that beastie.

Digital glitch, or new species? Gotta love Fortean Times….this time with an article about those elusive Rods.

The Power Goth Girls — Funny stuff, especially if you know any (or, god forbid, used to be or are one yourself).

Elizabethan Drama Pimp— My favorite SINFEST strip.

Major General Tremorden Rederring’s Colonial Wargames Site — my favorite wargames site, featuring wonderful alt-history battles with entertaining battle reports and great photos.

Haven’t talked with my collaborator yet about letting the design cat out of the bag, so that will have to wait a little while longer.


Just when I thought I was out…

(Read the above with the requisite Al-Pacino-doing-Michael-Corleone-in-GODFATHER-III voice).

For all of my grand pronouncements about getting out of the industry, it turns out that I might not be all that “out” after all.

I’m not just referring to the last few bits of freelance gigs trickling out, either. I’ve mentioned those before. (Not here, though–mostly in various threads on RPGnet)

No, it turns out that I might be coming out with something new, after all. I’d go into more detail, but I need to check it with my collaborator first, to see if it’s cool to start letting the cat out of the bag. You might have to wait a while for details. Short version, though: I’m working with another game designer on a project that started out as us merely BSing for fun. It’s continued to be fun, and we’re approaching this as a sort of “to hell with the industry, we’re doing this for US” kind of thing…but we’ve decided we might put it out anyway, just because we want to.

I feel like a relapsed alcoholic.

But in a good way.

No, really….stop looking at me like that.