Expected Results, In Every Way…

So the DNC voted to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations, with half-votes. Pretty much what was the expected, and reasonable, solution.

Off the remaining 291 delegates (pledged and super), Obama needs 64 to win the nomination, hands down. Clinton needs 241.

So, naturally, Clinton strategist Harold Ickes ominously finishes his statement with “the candidate reserves the right to take this to the credentials committee.” In other words, she could still decide to go to the convention and fight, kicking and scratching, for what she thinks is hers by RIGHT.

However, as Chuck Todd from MSNBC pointed out:

“You know, there is a big thing we should be getting out of this party tonight, and that is the Democratic National Committee is not somehow controlled by the Clintons. Not by the Clinton campaign any more. We may have started this campaign believing that the Clinton campaign controlled, but this is Barack Obama’s party now. He’s already been winning the outside game, he now won the inside game. Yes it’s true that Harold Ickes can threaten this stuff about the credentials, but Don Fowler really did signal today by being for the Michigan compromise that, guys– it’s over.”

My hope: 20 to 25 supers declare for Obama tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, so that by the final closing of the Montana polls on Tuesday night, he’ll have the magic number to declare victory.

My second hope — the one that I *really* want, but find less likely: Clinton graciously issues a concession speech, and recognizes that victory.

Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

As you watch news reports this weekend, about the “protests” at the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting in Washington (where they’re going to decide what to do about the Michigan and Flordia delegations), you’re going to see a lot of pictures like these:

What you should remember (and what many media outlets aren’t emphasizing) is this: These “protesters” have been organized and bussed in by the Clinton campaign. This isn’t some sort of democratic movement of righteous outrage at an injustice — this is another cynical manipulation by a desperate politician seeking power for power’s sake.

Remember. It’s all about HER.

Friday (*Cough* *Hack*) Music

I’ll keep this quick — apparently I’ve got some kind of Summer respiratory crud: sore throat, hacking cough, etc.

First up — one of those songs that used to be a favorite, but that I had entirely forgotten until I heard it again earlier this week. It’s the final single from Talking Heads, back in 1988. It also featured Kristy MacColl on backing vocals and Johnny Marr (of The Smiths) on guitar, so it was doubly nifty. I love the lyrics on this one… my favorite: “This used to be Real Estate, now it’s only fields and trees.” Talking Heads – “Nothing But Flowers.”

Two songs set the mood for Scorcese’s The Departed: “Gimme Shelter” from the Rolling Stones (which, infuriatingly, they didn’t put on the soundtrack album — a situation I remedied in my copy on iTunes), and this one: Dropkick Murphys – “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.”

I promised back in January that I’d post this as soon as I found a copy. Well, they’ve finally released it as a digital single. Here is 12 minutes of perfect pastiche of classic kaiju themes, from Cloverfield‘s end credits: Michael Giacchino – “Roar! (Theme from Cloverfield)”

The new hotness. Girl-kissing is acceptable to the US, of course. Makes me wonder how a song reversing the gender, sung by a handsome young man rather than a girl who looks like this, would go over. Something tells me it wouldn’t be nearly as popular. Katy Perry – “I Kissed A Girl.”

A UK-based outfit named after a secret society in Twin Peaks, whose music combines Indie rock, alternative, mariachi horns and surf guitar. Nifty. The Bookhouse Boys – “Dead.”

A request from my brother, who asked for some Lady Sovereign. Here’s one of her remixes: Lady Sovereign – “Random (Remix).”

Lastly, another song from the same year as our first. My introduction to Ms. Natalie Merchant: 10,000 Maniacs – “Like The Weather.” (Note: this is an m4a file — most newer players will have no problems with this, but older ones might.)

Now, back to being sick. Ugh.