Products in Print


  • Star Trek Adventures: Mission Briefs – Cold War. London, UK: Modiphius Entertainment, 2023.
  • “Flying Chariot, Standing,” Legend of the Five Rings. Roseville, MN: Fantasy Flight Games, 2017.
  • Touring Rock Band 2 (Fiasco Playset of the Month, December 2012), with Chris Bennett, Jobe Bittman, Logan Bonner, Per Fischer, James Gabrielsen, Stephen Granade, Jérôme Larré, Jason Morningstar, Megan Pedersen, Dan Puckett, John Rogers, and Steve Segedy. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Bully Pulpit Games, 2012.
  • HK TPK (Fiasco Playset of the Month, August 2012), with Corey Reid and John Rogers. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Bully Pulpit Games, 2012.
  • Tales of the Far West (digital edition). Lawrence, KS: Adamant Entertainment, 2012.
  • Transmedia Developer, Far West. June, 2011-Present. .
  • Gaming eBooks — Far too many to list — some 250-odd digital releases for roleplaying games listed and available here., Lawrence, KS: Adamant Entertainment, 2003-Present.
  • “Game Design, Step-by-Step.” RPGnet. Sandy Antunes, editor. October 26th, 1999 through July 13, 2000 .


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