The problem with being a liberal who largely supports the war in Iraq is that occasionally, the Bush administration comes up with something so ass-rapingly obvious in its shady crookedness that one’s suspension of disbelief is not only strained, but torn bloodily out of socket.

The Bush junta has awarded the contract for post-war oil well construction to Halliburton—-the corporation that until 2000 had Dick Cheney as its CEO.

Come on guys….if you’re going to pull that kind of criminal BS, at least be subtle about it.

I’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that they did it, or the fact that the obviousness of the move is such an insult to my intelligence.

Of course, the media in this country is largely ignoring this—they’re too busy breathlessly supplying us with ’embedded’ reports and live shots of Baghdad. So far, the best coverage of this issue has come from Comedy Central’s Daily Show, with John Stewart.