Hat Trick

Three posts in one day!

Some of you requested an actual pic of the new haircut a while back, instead of the avatar I have posted over on the right. Here’s a shot for you–a still taken from a video interview I did for a librarian’s conference on the topic of gaming:

That’s actually about 5 weeks of additional growth, so I need a trim, and I’ve got “product” in it (Queer Eye preserve us), but there ya go.

Funny Stuff

Here’s a great Flash-based video game, in which you play the forces of Good, embodied by Hulk Hogan, Mr. T and “Fat-ass He-Man” (no, I’m not kidding), and combat the evil forces of the Bush Administration (including Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson’s Nipple, and Voltron), in classic 80s Arcade style.

Watch the slightly over-long intro, and then play. The special attacks are hilarious, and even better, there are stages based on actual data, with accompanying text info (for example, a stack of money meant to represent the shriking-and-then-dissappearing surplus, which acts as an elevator for your character, while text gives you info about the loss of the surplus).

Yes kids—it’s funny, entertaining AND informative, in true 80s action-cartoon fashion. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

More political stuff. Show these to a conservative you know. Maybe eventually they’ll come to their senses.

We can hope, can’t we?

1. A recent article in TIME, exposing a paper trail that appears to point to the fact that Cheney coordinated the awarding of lucrative Iraqi oil contracts to his old corporation, Halliburton….despite his continued public denials.

2. AP Story about the fact that Bush keeps Saddam’s pistol in the White House as a trophy. Nah….there was no personal family vendetta at work here. Here’s another thought for you: exactly how may federal and D.C. local laws is Bush breaking with his possession of that firearm? Did he receive a background check for the transfer of ownership? Is Bush licensed to possess a firearm in a federal facility? The District of Columbia prohibits firearms to be gifts, and it’s illegal to own a handgun in D.C. unless it was registered prior to 1976…has anybody bothered to check?

3. Top Bush Administration officials have fake degrees from “Diploma Mills”, some of which have since been shut down by law enforcement agencies.

4. It turns out that Chalabi, the guy who gave the Bushies most of their reasons for going to war against Iraq, might have been an Iranian spy. Hell, Iran even ADMITS a “close relationship”. Er….whoops. I seem to remember the conservatives in this country wanting to lynch Clinton and Gore for supposedly dealing with the Chinese….where’s the outrage and media frenzy over this little tidbit?

5. Amid all of the chaos of the deteriorating situation in Iraq, a stumbling economy and skyrocketing gas prices here in the US, Bush instead focuses on trying to push his wacko, Jesus-freak, evangelical fundamentalist agenda.

6. Let’s not forget the fact that the administration is successfully keeping the huge amount of Abu Ghraib abuse evidence from the public…”in our best interests”, and the MEDIA IS LETTING THEM. The story has dropped from the public eye, because the Pentagon isn’t releasing the pictures and the movies, and the American media *isn’t demanding the release*, or even talking about the fact that it’s being covered up. WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY?