My Much-Needed Monday Night Film Festival

I’ve been working quite a bit recently — there’s a bunch of stuff in the works, and it’s had me frazzled, to be honest — so I was very pleased when I noticed that last night, a rare aligning of the stars resulted in no less than three consecutive movies worth watching appearing on various satellite channels. Not taking an omen like that lightly, I decided to forego any night-work, and park my ass in front of the television for about 6 hours.

The evening’s entertainment, behind the cut.

Yesterday’s Charade

Here’s the transcript of yesterday’s appearance by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What a fucking joke. They didn’t even swear him in, so he wasn’t bound by law to tell the truth.

The fact that the Democrats on the Committee didn’t walk out after that was decided is pretty much proof that this whole thing is going to get swept under the increasingly-bulging rugs at the White House. The Democrats have no spines, and the Administration will get away with yet another crime.

There are a few people holding the Administration’s feet to the fire, but it won’t be enough.

Check out this exchange between Gonzales and Senator Biden of Delaware:

BIDEN: Let me very precise.


BIDEN: I have not heard of NSA saying to the Intelligence Committee, “We are binding ourselves as we engage in this activity under the minimization procedures of 12333, as well as other statutes.” I’m unaware that that’s written down or stated anywhere or been presented to the Intelligence Committee. Can you assure us that has been done?

GONZALES: No, sir, I can’t assure you that.

BIDEN: Can you assure us, General, that you are fully, totally informed and confident that you know the absolute detail with which this program is being conducted? Can you assure us you personally can assure us that no one is being eavesdropped upon in the United States other than someone who has a communication that is emanating from foreign soil by a suspected terrorist, Al Qaida or otherwise?

GONZALES: Sir, I can’t give you absolute assurance of the kind that you’ve asked for.

BIDEN: Who can?

Yeah….the fucking Attorney General of the United States can’t give assurance that innocent Americans haven’t been spied upon, nor can he assure that the NSA has agreed to follow the law.

How is this not a story of Watergate-ian proportions? Why is this not the topic of EVERY news program in the country?

What the hell has happened to this country?