Military Now Only Serving One Party…..

Turn on the news today, and you’ll see a lot about General Patreus’ testimony to Congress about “the Surge.” A top general, heading our efforts in Iraq, reporting to the representatives of the people.

There’s a few problems:

  • The White House has set up a “rapid-response PR unit” for Patreus, headed by Presidential counselor Ed Gillespie, devoted to “selling” the surge.
  • Patreus has held closed-door strategy sessions with the Republican Caucus. Not the Democrats, or the few Independents….only the Republicans.
  • Tomorrow, Patreus and Abassador Ryan Cocker will give an exclusive interview to Fox News.

    Last time I checked, the military was supposed to work for the people of this country — not a single political party.

    If this doesn’t scare the living shit out of you, then I don’t know what would.

  • Indy Title Announced!

    Full story at the Indiana Jones official website.

    Personally, I would’ve dropped the “Kingdom of” — “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” sounds better to me….or, if the Kingdom is more important to the plot than the skull itself, then I’d probably have gone with “Indiana Jones and the Lost Kingdom.” The title, as it is, sounds a bit too wordy for me.


    The film opens on Memorial Day next year.