Friday Music

Here we go….

I’ve been watching Euro 2008 since last weekend — and it runs through June, giving me the proverbial “Feast of Football.” For all my fellow fanatics, here’s the music from that fabulous Guy-Ritchie-directed Nike soccer ad (I’ve posted the video before): Eagles of Death Metal – “Don’t Speak (Came to Make a BANG).”

I’ve talked about this before — I love U2, but really only during their post-punk/new-wave period. I’m not as much a fan of the giant-stadium gods-of-music stuff, although a lot of it is still great. But here’s a track from their first album, Boy (1980), which is a good example of the sound I prefer: U2 – “The Electric Co.”

Some mid-90s industrial rock that I was a big fan of at the time, but seemed to forget about as soon as the decade ended: Stabbing Westward – “Shame.”

Jackson Browne’s output in the 80s was certainly cheesier than his classic 70s material, but it was my introduction to him, and so I still have a soft spot for radio singles like this one from 1983: Jackson Browne – “For a Rocker.”

Words cannot describe how the sounds on this record make me feel. Easily the best doo-wop track ever recorded, in the history of ever. The Flamingos – “I Only Have Eyes For You.” Shoo-bop-sh-bop…

I posted this years ago, but it’s worth posting again. Some of you probably remember this from the soundtrack of Goodfellas — during the “cocaine paranoia” sequence. One of my favorite songs from the early 70s, and one that you almost never hear in any retrospective radio shows. Harry Nilsson – “Jump Into The Fire.”

There ya go. Enjoy!