Tesla Motors

Instead of a straight bailout for the Big Three automakers, I’d like to see a bailout contingent on switching production over to 21st-century options like this:

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If a boutique auto company can produce an all-electric roadster that gets 240+ miles per charge, and does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, and can sell that car for $109,000 — imagine what could be done with the mass production abilities of the Big Three.

“Regain America’s Moral Stature.”

President-elect Obama on 60 Minutes last night, clearly stating his intention to use executive orders to close Gitmo and ban the use of torture:

As I said way back in the primaries — this was my main, initial reason for supporting him: The rollback of the horrific changes wrought by the Bush administration.

It is also the thing that makes me most fearful — there are a lot of very powerful people out there with a vested interest in making sure such things are not changed, not rolled back, and absolutely not investigated.