Let The Right Subtitles In

and I watched the Swedish horror film Let The Right One In last weekend. We enjoyed it, but a lot of it struck us as… odd.

Turns out, that’s because we watched a version with lobotomized subtitles.

As pointed out (with comparative screen caps) by horror blog Icons of Fright, the DVD doesn’t use the original theatrical subtitles — and the new subtitles are, at best, approximations. They completely miss the subtleties, dark humor, nuances, and in some cases even the *meaning* of what was being said.

Upon hearing this, as you can imagine, and I were pretty pissed off.

Well, it turns out that people getting mad on the internet can actually get things done — the DVD company that released the film in the US has heard the protests, and realized that they were losing sales to people who were downloading bittorrents of the theatrical release. They’ve decided that from this point forward, new printings of the disc will include an option for viewing with the original theatrical subtitles.

The scumbags aren’t offering any exchanges, however.

According to the update, for those that wish to purchase a version with the theatrical subtitles, it will be listed in the tech specs box at the back/bottom of the package — the new version will say SUBTITLES: ENGLISH (Theatrical), SPANISH.

Presidential SMACK-DOWN

President Obama, finally shutting down a petulant reporter who was harping about “why it took days for you to go public with outrage about AIG from the time you learned about it” —

“Because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak.”


I *love* this guy.


Now, with video: