Leonard Cohen: Heaven & Hell

We went to see Leonard Cohen last night — the tickets I purchased for ‘s birthday.

An absolutely amazing show. A 75-year-old man and his band of virtuoso musicians performed over three hours (not including a 20 minute intermission!) — phenomenal and moving. Laura’s post sums up the show, complete with set list.

It was *almost* perfect. Let down (and let down mightily) by the audience.

As I said last night: Hell is a concert full of Boomers. With a Bar.

Here are the ingredients for intense stabby-stabby-hate levels of annoyance:

1) Take a couple thousand members of the most self-important and overly-indulged generation in history.

2) Age them to their 60s, where their hearing starts to go, so any “quiet” conversations are anything but.

3) Add alcohol.

4) Put them in a concert by an icon who reminds them of their wild youth.

So yeah, a bunch of hammered, loud, rude assholes embarrassing themselves and pissing off those around them — especially us, who had the misfortune of being seated in the rearmost row in the floor seats — by the bar.

Cell phone users, merrily chatting away. Drunk cougars, looking like a casting call for the Real Housewives of Kansas City, belting out off-tune at the top of their lungs while staggering around with drinks in their hands, “dancing.”

GRRRR. Stabby-stabby HATE.

Even more so because they were the only negative (and a big one) in an otherwise PERFECT concert.

This post serves mostly as an exorcism — a rant to get the negatives out of my system, allowing me to file away the best memory of all: Cohen was awe-inspiring, and I’m incredibly blessed to have been able to see him live.

THRILLING TALES Cover Painting Poster

Adamant has just released a limited-time promotional poster of the stunning B.K. Hamilton painting used as the cover for Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition (which originally appeared in the 1980s as the cover to Hero Games’ Justice, Inc.)

We’re selling the poster through the holidays at our PULPWEAR cafepress merchandise shop, for $19.99.

The poster is 23 x 35, and looks fucking BRILLIANT framed. I’ve got mine in the living room.