Buck Rogers Returns!

Cawley Entertainment Company (the folks behind the Roddenberry-approved Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II fan films) have acquired the rights to do Buck Rogers as a web series to premiere in late 2010.

They’ve even got Gil Gerard onboard as a producer and cast member (although obviously no longer playing Buck)!

They just released the first tease for the series. They’ve said they intend a real retro-SF feel to it, and it sure looks like it:



Malcolm Sheppard has a new blog post up, presenting his thoughts regarding the next generation of RPGs. Very worth reading — some really excellent ideas there.

Ties in quite nicely with not only my plans for Adamant in 2010, but also tangentially with the clusterfuck discussion referenced in my previous post about offering customers PDF if they want it. If nothing else, it makes for a nice break from checking in over at the RPGnet thread, and reading the latest example of people trying to play whack-a-mole, hoping to goad me into responding by stalwartly attacking what they mistakenly think I was saying.

Case Study

Example One:

Statement: “WotC is dropping PDFs entirely. That’s ridiculous. Customers want them, and are willing to pay.”

Internet Forum Gamer: “Yeah! Right On! WTF, WotC? Give us what we want! That’s basic business sense!”

Example Two:

Statement: “Diaspora doesn’t offer PDFs. Customers want them, and are willing to pay. They say no. That’s odd.”

Internet Forum Gamer: “Fuck you, Corporate Tool! They produce ART! They’re not in it for “business.” Your products are abortions!” etc. etc.