Advent of the Insurgent Creative, Day 24 – Grab Bag!

Insurgent Creative

Insurgent CreativeWe’re down to the wire, folks, and there are so many more tools and tips out there. So today, we’ll do a holiday grab bag for you, looking at a digital delivery service, a wordpress media creation plug-in and a Flash game creation platform — each of these could easily have merited their own entry in the series, and are really worth checking out. It’s Christmas Eve, the family is gathering, so let’s not delay any more — here we go!

Anybody selling digital products should look into Payloadz which runs ecommerce and file delivery. Payloadz features secure file storage and delivery from their servers; integration with your site or sites like eBay; support for Paypal, Amazon Payments and more. Here’s a brief introduction video:

Powerpress is a free, open source media creation plug-in for WordPress (which I covered a couple of days ago). Perfect for integrating a podcast or vlog onto your site (using HTML5 audio and video players), adding iTunes-compliant feeds to your site, along with the ability to upload and update iTunes listings and artwork. PowerPress is developed and maintained by Blubrry, a media company and community providing tools and resources for media creators to measure, monetize, publish and host media content. No membership is required to use Powerpress, although it can also be used in concert with Blubrry’s other services (like Media Stats and Hosting).

Stencylworks is a platform that enables game designers to create iOS and Flash games without coding, by using their online library of functions and graphics (or via uploading your own). It’s available in a free “lite” form (which watermarks the final game, and does not publish it to the app store), and a pro version costing $149 per year, which removes the watermark, gives you access to private forums, and publishes your games to the App store. Plus, Stencyl is currently working on expansion into the Android market and HTML5 development (instead of Flash). A brief overview video follows:

What tools have you discovered that we haven’t covered so far? Please share via comments below! We’ll see you back here tomorrow, for our final Insurgent Creative entry of 2011. What do we have planned for 2012? You’ll have to wait and see….