RPGaDay2022, Questions 10-15

It’s been a few days, so I’m back with the next batch of questions for RPGaDay2022.

10. When did you start Gamemastering? 1980. Right from the beginning, with the first edition of TOP SECRET.

11. If you could live in a game setting, where would it be? This is an easy one, as it’s also the answer to the oft-asked “what fictional setting would you like to live in?” The answer, hands down, is Star Trek. A post-scarcity socialist utopia, where humanity strives to increase the boundaries of knowledge and science and better themselves? Plus a career path dedicated to exploration? Sign me up!

12. Why did you start RPGing? Story creation, via a faster and more collaborative method than writing. That’s always been what has drawn me to gaming, and (on the down side) it pretty much replaced fiction writing for me for a long while.

13. How would you change the way you started RPGing? The only thing I’d change is understanding the format of game play a bit sooner. For the first six months, I didn’t understand the gamemaster-players dichotomy, and we played TOP SECRET as a PVP board game, using the map of Sprechenhaltestelle as the board. When I got Basic D&D, which featured better examples of play, everything finally clicked.

14. (Skipping — I’m not tagging people via my blog.)

15. Who would you like to Gamemaster for you? At this point? Anyone. I don’t currently have a regular game, and I miss it terribly.

That’s all for now, kids — check back later for more!

Friday Music!

The Friday Music playlist for August 12th, 2022

As part of my effort to return to using my own blog more than social media, I’m returning to one of my most popular features — Friday Music, a weekly internet mixtape which I ran nearly a decade ago. Now, with the ease of streaming, Friday Music will appear as a free Spotify playlist, which I’ll embed here on the blog.

This week, we kick off with “Anti-glory” by Horsegirl — an all-female band which sounds, to me, like 90s-alternative girl groups by way of The Pixies. The track is really catchy, too.

Next, a damn near perfect slice of Bond-movie John Barry-esque bombast, which was apparently used in the Melissa McCarthy spy spoof bomb, the unimaginatively named SPY. Never saw the movie, but the song is amazing. Sit back and imagine a Maurice Binder Bond title sequence.

I had no idea, but apparently actor Riz Ahmed (ROGUE ONE, etc.) has a music career as well. This track, “Deal With It”, is a pounding Desi-influenced club banger, which I found via a Spotify list inspired by Miss Marvel.

Up until his untimely death from cancer (Fuck cancer), Ranking Roger toured Europe with his own version of The Beat, while Dave Wakeling toured the US with his version, The English Beat. Right before his death, Roger’s version released an album, and this was the single. Great stuff from a great performer who will be missed.

“One Way Glass” is by Innerspace Orchestra, an indie three-piece with vocals by Rose Elinor Dougal of the Pipettes. Ethereal 80s-style post-punk, which, as most of you know, is right up my alley.

Next comes a solo track from the actual genius of The Smiths, guitarist Johnny Marr. “Spirit Power and Soul” is an excellent display of his talents, and that’s not even getting into the fact that he’s not a prat like Morrissey.

And lastly, I couldn’t let this week pass without paying tribute to the woman that my entire generation had a crush on in the late 70s: “A Little More Love” from the legendary Olivia Newton-John. R.I.P., dear muse.

Be sure to check back in next week for more music, and until then, have a wonderful week.

RPGaDAY 2022, Questions 1-9

The RPGaDAY 2022 Questions list.

I’ve decided to delete my Facebook account for a bunch of reasons, the upshot of which is that I’ll be posting more here, on my far-too-neglected blog. To kick things off, I’ve decided to participate in RPGaDAY 2022, the annual list of questions designed to promote the Tabletop Role-playing Game hobby.

I’ve missed the first 8 days, so this post will cover the first 9 questions.

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