OGL Apocalypse Averted?

It’s been a month, and I’ve been remiss in updating (again).

Wizards of the Coast put out a questionnaire about their proposed changes to the OGL, which they soon abandoned after they received over 15,000 responses, with over 80% disapproval of what they were attempting to pull.

In response, they announced:

1) That they were going to leave the OGL 1.0a untouched and intact, and

2) They were placing the 5th edition SRD into Creative Commons — which is irrevocable.

Interesting times, indeed.

The question remains what sort of corporate fuckery will be coming down the pike with the forthcoming new edition of D&D, but honestly, that’s a bit outside of my concern, as I’m not entirely sure we’ll be producing any D&D material. I was more concerned about the continuation of the original OGL framework for what it meant for other systems released under it, such as the D6 system and FATE.

For now, it appears we can continue as before. I’ll call that a win.

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