Provisions: New York Pizza

(Originally, this series was titled “Quarantine Provisions” — but of course, our government doesn’t do sensible things like Quarantining to kill off a pandemic, so…)

Alright. Take a look at that picture. If it makes your stomach growl, if you’re familiar with actual, honest-to-Brooklyn, no-nonsense, New York style pizza, you’re going to love this entry. I have, after spending half of my life, off and on, outside of the NY metropolitan area, finally cracked the formula for producing a NY-style pie at home. Read on.

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Quarantine Provisions: Doner Kebab

I absolutely love Doner. There’s a place here in town where I can get it, which is great, but I’ve also discovered this great cook on Youtube, Refika, who films in her kitchen in Instanbul and came up with a great recipe for doner.

In this video, she provides the recipe (which I’ve copied below), and shows the two methods of preparation: Turkish, and German-Turkish.

Visit her channel for some other great recipes, including a chicken shwarma!
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Quarantine Provisions: Everything Bagels

Long time no post. We’re all living in that nether-space of Blursday, the Eleventy-Shifth of Marprilay, and it’s been hard to keep up with things. Mea Culpa.

I decided to become the ultimate Quarantine Stereotype, and try my hand at bread-baking — but because it’s me, I went for one of the things that I miss most about living in NY: Real, honest-to-god BAGELS.

So first: A brief highlight reel:
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