Just when I thought I was out…

(Read the above with the requisite Al-Pacino-doing-Michael-Corleone-in-GODFATHER-III voice).

For all of my grand pronouncements about getting out of the industry, it turns out that I might not be all that “out” after all.

I’m not just referring to the last few bits of freelance gigs trickling out, either. I’ve mentioned those before. (Not here, though–mostly in various threads on RPGnet)

No, it turns out that I might be coming out with something new, after all. I’d go into more detail, but I need to check it with my collaborator first, to see if it’s cool to start letting the cat out of the bag. You might have to wait a while for details. Short version, though: I’m working with another game designer on a project that started out as us merely BSing for fun. It’s continued to be fun, and we’re approaching this as a sort of “to hell with the industry, we’re doing this for US” kind of thing…but we’ve decided we might put it out anyway, just because we want to.

I feel like a relapsed alcoholic.

But in a good way.

No, really….stop looking at me like that.


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