Again, a little while between updates. Sorry about that. Work (both day job and dumb-as-hell-why-the-hell-do-I-put-myself-through-this writing at night) has been kicking my ass for the past week.

No deep, Wil-Wheaton-esque soul-searching this time around, though. I haven’t really got the time today (same goes for Apollyon Noir updates, although I will be getting some more of those up here soon, I promise.) Just a couple of cool links for you today:

Kaiju alert! Giant Bird Sightings in Alaska. Rodan’s back on the block, kids. Can King Ghidorah be far behind? I mean, check this out: Mauna Loa is active again. Volcanos stirring, giant birds appearing….hmmmm.

Am I hearing a “SkreeeeeeONK” in the distance?

Something to think about.


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