Hmmm…it’s been a week since my last update.

Not a whole lot to report, actually–still waiting eagerly for the opening of The Two Towers, still working on various writing projects (sent a proposal in to Paradigm Concepts for a Spycraft adventure supplement, and still plugging away on APOLLYON NOIR, both in game and novel format).

The day job continues as usual, pleasantly lightening up a bit (as one might expect towards the end of the year, with the Holidays approaching).

For those who sent emails expressing their interest in the web-master position for Adamant Entertainment, thanks for your interest. There were a lot of talented folks who contacted me, and the decision wasn’t easy. Thanks again. More information will be posted here, once the deals are finalized.

Nothing else to report right now, and I’ll try not to wait a week before posting another update.


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