Thanks a Lott

During my shorted-AC-adapter-imposed downtime, the incoming Republican Senate Majority Leader proved beyond a reasonable doubt what I’ve known for a long time: The South is still Confederate.

So, to flip the phrase somewhat on Mr. Lott and his fellow sheet-wearing pals: I think that had we let the South secede back in the mid-19th century, the country would’ve been a lot better off. History since that point is just one event after another where the inability to craft national policy that suits our completely different cultures has caused strife. Civil Rights, the Abortion debate, etc.

Think about it. They’d be a lot happier with their own country. Hell, most of them still whistfully pine for the Confederacy. Speaking from experience–2 years living in “Hot-lanta”, the “City too busy to hate” (unless, of course, you’re in any way educated, liberal-to-moderate in your politics, and have no racial prejudices) convinced me that “Southern Hospitality” applies only to other Southerners. They can’t stand the rest of the country. Let them go, sez I. We’d be better off, and so would they.

One of the most popular bumper-stickers in Georgia at the time I lived there was one that read “WE DON’T CARE HOW Y’ALL DO IT UP NORTH!”

This was in response to attempts to make Georgia adhere to Federal *minimum* standards of Education.

“We don’t care if you actually educate your children. We likes our kinfolk ignorant!”



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