Well, I’m not going to leave today’s posting entirely devoted to the crap below. Time to lighten things up a bit. Some links for you:

Orangutans have culture! Well, hell–Doctor Zaius could’ve told ya that. Orangs have the culture and the orange outfits, Chimps have the science and the green outfits, and Gorillas have the military and the black outfits. None of this namby-pamby Tim Burton “re-imagining” here, damn it to hell.

This is the official site for the French film Vidocq, which is a brilliant piece of bizarre psuedo-steampunk horror-adventure-mystery, and a great source of inspiration for the feel of the Apollyon Noir, as well. If you can track down a copy of the DVD (eBay is where I got mine), I highly recommend it.

I love the internet. Only here can you find such things as The Anorak’s Guide to Sapphire and Steel, a fairly comprehensive overview of one of my favorite British sci-fi series.

There. I’ve shared a bit of my geekiness, and I feel much better now.


Done for a while

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m done with RPGnet, at least for the time being.

The tone of the place has just gotten too hostile. A small number of posters are pretty much doing their damndest to define the discussions, fill the threads with their in-jokes, and generally flame the crap out of anyone who isn’t “in”–and the point at which some undereducated riotgrrrl demands that the powers-that-be appoint a female moderator and the usual suspects jump in to laud her idea is the point where I realize that these folks are no longer interested in just being gamers and talking about things of interest to gamers. It’s all about the agendas.

Fuck it. I don’t have time to deal with the aggravation. I want to write, and the time that I spend on that site is time that I could spend writing. I suppose I could post a farewell thread on the site, but that’s usually criticized (often rightly so) as being overly-dramatic, and I figure that most of the folks who give a damn most likely will read it here anyway.