LXG– Lame, Xtreme Garishness

So the trailer for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is online.

Given the graphic-novel-to-film translation of From Hell, I had high hopes for this one. However, it looks as though it’s going to suck more than an economy hooker during Fleet Week. This film should have been to the Steampunk genre what The Matrix is to cyberpunk….but no. Check out the trailer. It looks like the director read Alan Moore’s work, said “Nobody is going to get this”, and decided instead to make a mix of Dick Tracy, Highlander 2, and Jet Li’s Black Mask. What the HELL?

I especially like the LXG-mobile, or whatever-the-fuck that souped-up roadster thing is supposed to be. The Victorian Age being known for its automotive style, of course.

Grrr. Disappointed.


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