A new theory about the End of the Universe posits the whole shebang being literally torn apart by some “phantom energy”. Readers can check out the theory in this Yahoo news story, and be as surprised as I am that the theory wasn’t put forth by Crawford Tillinghast.

Nothing to worry about, as long as we’ve got Bernard Quatermass on the job.

In far less apocalyptic news, Green Ronin has posted the cover of Skull & Bones, the pirates-n-voodoo D20 supplement that Ian Sturrock, T.S. Luikart and myself (with tons of assistance from Laura Hanson) started writing after a visit to Las Vegas’ Treasure Island pirate show during the GAMA trade show in March of 2001. The product has gone through two game systems, three companies (SCS, Adamant, and now Green Ronin) and two years, and now it’s almost here…and it’s something that I’m quite proud about.

So, this weekend’s writing project is to spend 100% of my time working on the novel. I decided that to get into a different mind-space from the gaming work that has been my primary focus for the past decade or so, I’m going to be working on this by hand. Pen to paper–not worrying about typing it up until much later on. I’m hoping that the different feel of working direct from head to hand to paper will be enough of a change from my usual hunt-and-peck that it’ll make finding that elusive “zone” a little bit easier.

We’ll see, I suppose.


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