If you’re looking to be irritated, check out this link (found via the comments section on Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s website): a tally of all of the heinous BS pulled by Bush since day 1 of his junta. Read, absorb, take a calming breath, and then go out and beat the living crap out of a Nader voter. Because, after all, we have their self-righteous asses to thank for the current situation. If they complain while you’re pounding on them, just tell them that you’re only doing it “to send a message to the major parties.”

For the writers in the audience, here’s an exercise for you: Go to this “action film trailer generator”, generate some random goodness, and run with the ideas it gives you. For example:

In a lost universe of blasphemy, a psychiatrist and a philosopher fight an army of psychics intent on stealing the source of all magic.

Cool, yes? Or how about:

In a hellish kingdom, in an era of mysteries and secrets, five spies quest for revenge and oppose a horde of murderers intent on stealing the souls of the innocent.

Novel? Screenplay? Comic? Game? Your call. But there’s no shortage of ideas….


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