Very Busy

I haven’t been able to post to this thing as much as I’d like to recently, but that’s just fine, because I’ve been busy with a lot of game-industry writing. This past week, I’ve turned in three setting proposals to the publisher of a generic RPG (nameless until any deal is complete), at the publisher’s request…hell, I like one of ’em so much, that if the publisher decides to pass, I think I’m going to work it up myself as a full, stand-alone RPG. I also had to provide a detailed synopsis for a connected series of 3 adventures for a licensed RPG (the synopsis is required because it has to be approved by the license-holder).

The whole legal debacle continues–my lawyer has started negotiations with the prosecutor, and we’ve provided documentation that bolsters my claim that the whole issue hinged on the notification of my insurance lapse being sent to my old address. According to the lawyer, things are looking good—but I am wary of getting too hopeful.

Only 50-odd days until I can move out of this godforsaken hole.


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