An update a week, whether you need it or not….

Yeah, I know. Not a lot of updates recently. Mea Culpa.

So, this past weekend was pretty much the “Gareth gets to do nothing but slack off and enjoy it” holiday that I’ve been needing for a while. Friday was my 34th birthday, and yesterday was Father’s Day. I got to be the quintessential Man of Leisure ™ for the whole weekend. Not a lick of work done.

Some of the birthday/father’s day loot acquired this weekend:

Star Trek: Phase II : The Untold Story Behind the Star Trek Television Series that Almost Was —very cool book about the abortive series that became the first Star Trek movie, including complete scripts for two episodes, the writer’s bible and thirteen story treatments, as well as production designs, etc.

Radiohead: Hail To The Thief —the new album by one of my favorite bands. Not as experimental as Kid A or Amnesiac, but a great album nonetheless.

Steely Dan: Everything Must Go –brand new album by perhaps my favorite band of all time. I had to wait almost 20 years between their last two albums (although there were solo projects by Donald Fagen to hold me over–but even those were 10 years apart), but they only waited 3 years between the Grammy-award-winning Two Against Nature and this release. Woo-hoo!

Harry Potter Wizard Chess —cute little Harry-Potterized plastic chess set, with the pieces molded to look like the stone pieces in the film. It’d be nice to see an electronic version where the pieces move themselves (which seems like a no-brainer licensed product to me), but this works. We muggles can move the pieces ourselves, after all.


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