Full Immersion

I’m back from the ORIGINS game fair in Columbus, Ohio–which served as my grand inauguration for my return to full-time game industry work. As such, it was a great experience, filled with the excitement and joy of knowing that I was back doing what I love. I got a couple of freelance gigs, met up with industry friends that I haven’t seen since my last show (the GAMA Trade Show, March 2002), and also got to meet a bunch of folks that I only knew from RPGnet and other online sites, turning “virtual” friendships into real ones, and even managing to win over a few former adversaries and forming new friendships over the buried hatchet.

It sounds *really* corny, I know, but the whole thing just rejeuvinated me (which is really odd, considering how exhausting the whole thing was–on my feet for 8 hours a day, too much talking, no more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep on any night, not enough food, and LOTS of alcohol).

…and I get to do GenCon in another 20-someodd days.

Anyway, back to work. Major deadlines to meet.


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