Dum-de-dum, Dum-de-dum, Dum-de-dum…

Richard Grant has been announced as the Ninth Dr. Who: The BBC is foisting off the 40th anniversary of the show with a webcast rather than a full-blown TV show or movie, but it’s official nonetheless. A six-part audio webcast on BBCi will be premiering in November. Grant describes his interpretation as “something of a ‘Sherlock Holmes in Space,” which sounds cool to me. The author of the as-yet-untitled adventure, Paul Cornell, says that it’s going to be fully-animated (not just moving stills, like the past webcasts), and that it could lead to “other things”–apparently including a series of Ninth Doctor books.

Oh, and I’d also like to share the following:

Conventions are really hard work.

Thanks to Elissa for taking the picture, and, of course, to Red, for showing the world the proper care and feeding of the North American Game Designer. Heh.


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