Long time, no update

Yeah, I know. I’ve been bad.

So…still pounding away on freelance projects, as well as a few projects of my own.

I backed out of consideration for a full-time gig with a D20 publisher today, because of a couple things–one, had I been chosen for the job, they would’ve required a non-competition clause, meaning I couldn’t work for myself or for anybody else. The more I thought about that, the worse it sounded. Then, item number two, I realized that I would only make about 2/3 of the money with them as I can by freelancing and working my own stuff. The answer suddenly became much clearer. I fired off a polite little note saying “no thanks”, and I’m feeling much better now. It sucks that I won’t get a chance to work on some of their really cool properties (since they pretty much flat-out told me at GenCon that they ‘blacklist’ people who back out on them), but such is life.

Work on Apollyon Noir has kicked into high gear finally–with a dedicated mail list for design and development keeping those of us working on it in contact with eachother, and on the same page. It’s looking like we’ve decided to make this sucker a huge tome, with pretty much everything folks could want in one package, rather than doing the core book + supplements model. As such, it’s most likely going be a Spring 2004 release, to give us time to put this magnum opus together.

In other news, I’ve also started design notes for my first new RPG since UnderWorld in 2000. It’s called Heroes of the New Wave, subtitled “neo-pulp adventures in the 1980s”, and you can read more about it here.

Oh–and this weekend, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival opens. Anyone in the area who wants to say “Hi”, feel free to drop by the booth for Ruth Thompson’s Tarnished Images at any point during the next 7 weekends, ’cause that’s where I’ll be.


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