On Hiatus

Or, as my friends in the UK say: “Fuck this for a game of soldiers….”

Things are getting to me too much. The constant dogpile hate-fests at RPGnet, the half-dozen or so hate-mails I get each day, the fucking waves of venom that are aimed in my direction. I can’t stand it any longer.

I love writing. I love writing for the game industry, and I came back to doing it full-time because of that love. But I recognized today that if I don’t take a break from being online, that love is going to be beaten out of me. Again….by a combination of heartless assholes, stalking lunatics, anonymous cowards and a biased site moderator who has already driven off most of my friends from RPGnet, and now appears to have his sights on me.

The point I reached today, where I found myself so upset that I could hear my pulse pounding in my ears, when I felt nothing so intensely as the desire…no, the NEED to strike back at all of these folks….that was when I realized that I need to go away.

So, I’m pulling back. Re-grouping and recuperating. I’ll still be available via email (I have responsibilities which need tending, after all), but if it’s not business-related or from a friend, it’ll be deleted unread. No more forums, no more blog. Not for a while.

I’m just going to write.


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