Work Update

It used to be that I was worried that I talked about work too much on this thing, and not enough of about my life. However, today I noticed that I haven’t talked about work in a while, so here’s an update on what’s going on in full-time-freelancer-land:

I got my comp copies of Skull & Bones from Green Ronin. After a journey of more than two years, the book is out, and it is SUH-WEET. I’m really proud of this one. The GR folks did a bang-up job on production–the book looks wonderful. Reviews have started to drift in as well (read a couple of them here and here), and are all excellent so far.

Three linked adventures for Non-Disclosure-Agreement-covered Licensed Product are proceeding. Things have been moved around a bit, and my stuff is due in to the Line Developer by the 20th of October. Once the product announcements have been made, I’ll spill what these are.

A couple of big assignments for White Wolf are coming along nicely as well, but again, I can’t spill details due to NDAs. Suffice to say that I’m really excited about both of them, and look forward to the possibility of more work in the future. Deadlines on those right now are floating around November and February, and I’m actually a bit ahead of the curve right now.

Design work on APOLLYON NOIR, the Napoleonic dark-fantasy alt history game for Thyrsus Games, is going on in earnest now. Jason Roberts and I have brought on another designer, and his work is absolutely brilliant. The rules end of things are starting to come together, and looking like this is going to be a great game…and we’ve been in talks with a Napoleonic history journal for the use of some of their materials (articles, cartography and artwork), so this game will be as packed with historical material as we can possibly make it. Right now, it’s looking like AN will be a June 2004 release.

In Adamant news, I’ve had to push the release of the FVLMINATA D20 back to the 15th of October–I’m having it gone over checking for 3.5 compatability and compliance with the latest versions of the licenses, and it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Design work on Heroes of the New Wave took a break for a bit, but my latest installment of the design column will be back up this Wednesday. Not sure where this is going, but the journey is at least interesting….

Lastly, we come back full-circle to SKULL & BONES, as I’m currently putting together both a free adventure for the Green Ronin website and the first issue of Adamant’s bi-monthly support e-zine, BUCCANEERS AND BOKOR. Yarr! Avast! Etc. The adventure will be going off to GR this week, and they’ll decide when it goes online. The first issue of B&B will be released through RPG Now around Halloween.

So that’s the work situation right now. It looks like a lot, but it isn’t really–the deadlines are spread out between here and February, so I’m actually still actively farming for more freelance work, as well as still plugging away at the novel.

Back to work,