Drastic Changes

I’m contemplating cutting my hair short and shaving my beard and moustache.

My hair has been short before…most recently back in April of 2002, when I cut it for a job. I’ve been growing it out since then, when I found out that the workplace was OK with long hair. (Of course, I found this out AFTER I had cut it.)

I’ve had facial hair for about 12 years now, though.

So, I’m waiting until I get paid, and then I’m probably going to cut the locks and reveal a smooth face.

I just feel the need for some kind of drastic change….my life has changed (for the better, mostly), and I feel like reflecting that change in my appearance. New year coming, and all that.

Here’s what I look like now:

So…any hairstyle suggestions? My hair is pretty thick…it only gets curly when it’s long, though.