Attention: Gamers

If you attend the Origins game convention in Columbus, OH, then I’d like to call your attention to something:

The governor of Ohio is about to sign a same-sex marriage ban into law.

If you’ve been to Origins, you’ve been there during the Pride marches, and you know that Columbus is an open, welcoming city. With this legislation, that looks like it’s about to change for the worse.

Please call Governor Bob Taft at 614.466.3555 (or Fax at 614.752.4858), and let him know that you come to Ohio every summer and spend money at its hotels, bars and restaurants. You, and thousands of folks just like you, come and contribute to the Ohio economy. Let him know that those contributions may not continue if this legislation is signed into law.

If you’re a member of GAMA (the owners and operators of the Origins convention), contact the Board of Directors (contact info can be found on the website), and let them know your position, and request that they contact Governor Taft as well.

It’s 2004, folks. The only way to prevent the conservatives from steamrolling their bullshit into all of our lives is to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

(Thanks to Jason L Blair for getting the ball rolling.)


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