Don’t Just Bitch. DO SOMETHING

Tonight, ABC’s Nightline will devote their entire program to Ted Koppel reading the names of all 722 American service men and women killed in Iraq since the start of military operations over a year ago.

However, Sinclair Broadcast Group has commanded it’s ABC affiliates to pre-empt the show, stating that “despite the denials by a spokeswoman for the show, the action appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq.”

You read that right. A private corporation (which JUST HAPPENS to be run by major Bush contributors, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, right?) is deciding what the American citizens in 7 cities need to hear, for their own good. They are quoted as saying “”We find it to be contrary to public interest.”

For fuck’s sake, people…wake up already. This is the 21st century…shit like this was supposed to have gone by the wayside by now. They’re only going to get away with it if you let them.

Even if you don’t live in one of the seven markets directly affected (Columbus, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; Pensacola, Florida; Asheville, North Carolina; Charleston, West Virginia; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and Springfield, Massachusetts), you can make your voice heard. Sinclair owns 62 television stations in 39 markets. If you have a Sinclair-owned station in your market, contact them today and tell them that they’ve just lost you as a viewer….and tell them WHY.

Enough is enough.

Claims versus Facts

The Center for American Progress has set up the “Claims vs Fact” Database, and you should check it out. You can search by topic and speaker, and it will give you a conservative’s distorted public claim, and refute it with cited facts. To quote the CAP: “Conservatives have spent the last 20 years distorting reality and getting away with it. That is about to change.”

It’s wishful thinking, since the people who most need to see this stuff won’t bother to look, but at least it’s something.