ISOTDMRKO: Wuxia DVD sources

(That’s “In Search Of The Designer Monologue Readers Knowledge Of”, dontcha know.)

I’ve got a metric assload of various HK films on VHS, from back when I was working on Hong Kong Action Theatre!…well, now I’m looking for DVDs…specifically wuxia films. If you know of a good source, with reasonable prices, drop me a line via email or in the comments.

Yes, this is related to a project I’m working on.

No, it’s not game-related.


I Loves Me Some Re-Mixes.

So, hot on the heels of the last big bootleg sensation, DJ Dangermouse’s “Grey Album”, which mashed together the vocals from Jay-Z’s “Black Album” with music hooks from the Beatles’ “White Album”, there’s a new free-download album: London Booted: A Tribute to The Clash, in which DJs from all over the world did remixes and mash-ups of the tracks from The Clash’s classic “London Calling” album. I like to think that the do-it-yourself nature of the bootleg remix and mash-up trend is pretty true to the original punk spirit, so I got a big kick out of this.

Go to the site, and download the album–but first please click on one of the charity ads at the top of the page, which includes “Future Forests”, a favorite charity of Joe Strummer.