Back to Life…Back to Reality…

I’m back from driving my two youngest back to their Mom’s place in Colorado. Saved a bunch of moolah by not flying this year (I figured, what the hell, I live in the next state over), but driving 18 hours across 2 days (9 hours out, 9 hours back), then turning around and making the same trip again 2 weeks later is no kind of fun.

My oldest left with my folks at the end of their visit, so she can spend some quality grandparent time in Maine. Laura and I are on our own until the end of the month…or at least as “on our own” as the increasingly demanding rehersal and promotional schedule for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival can let us be.

Speaking of which, some nifty news: Right before I left to take the kids back home, I got my first voice-over gig. I recorded the voice-over for the television ads for the Festival. It’s a 30-second commercial that will be airing on regional television (KC market, definitely….Topeka too, most likely. A few airings as far away as Omaha, St. Louis and Wichita are also possible.) We went down to a studio in downtown KC (where, among other folks, Jewel recorded some material, according to the posters on their walls), read the script a bunch of different ways in a sound-proof booth, and bobs yer uncle. Fun.

I hadn’t been “on the mike” since working for KANU about 10 years ago. It was nice to see that I hadn’t forgotten all of the breath control tricks and voice modulation stuff.

I’ve asked for a copy when it’s done…There is a small voice-over market in KC, and I might try to score some more gigs. Might as well use the training for something, and the extra income wouldn’t hurt.

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