In other news, water, it has been discovered, is WET.

A press release, issued by GAMA today:


Press Release

Date: 30 July 2004

For Release: Immediate

Contact: John Phythyon


Dancey Resigns as GAMA Treasurer

(SEATTLE, WA) – Ryan Dancey tendered his resignation as Treasurer of the

Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA), Thursday. Dancey, who was elected

at the Annual Membership Meeting a month ago, disclosed to the board

shortly after his election that he had penetrated the GAMA Board of

Directors e-mail list and had been reading board e-mails for some time.

He certified to the board that no one else knew about this breach and

that information gleaned from the action was not disseminated to any

third party.

Last week, the board of directors informed members of the former board.

Wednesday, the board informed the Full-Voting Membership at large. In

the wake of discussion on the FVM e-mail list, Dancey decided it was

best to resign.

“Over the past several weeks it has become obvious to me that the

important work the Board was elected to undertake has taken a back seat

to dealing with the issue of my access to GAMA’s internal communications

prior to the election,” he wrote in his letter of resignation. “As I am

aware of the number and nature of the immediate issues confronting the

Board, and as I believe that the Board needs to address those issues as

fast as possible, I believe that my continued service as GAMA Treasurer

has become an impediment to that work, which must be removed.”

“I hope that Ryan’s resignation will aid us in moving forward,” GAMA

President Don Perrin said.

Dancey’s resignation became effective at midnight PDT on the 29th. A

successor has not yet been selected. Perrin indicated that further

information on that subject would be forthcoming soon.



So, yeah, he’d been listening in on confidential internal Board communications prior to the election…but it had NO impact at all on getting his cronies into power. Sure. I buy that.

Don’t you?

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