General Update

Had a few folks ask what I’m up to, so here’s a brief run-down:

1) Finish up the last of my freelance gigs before switching over to write for Adamant full-time.

2) Finishing the next three Adamant releases, so I have a regular stream of releases ready to go.

3) Entering the home stretch of rehersals and prep for the KCRF, which opens the first weekend of September.

4) Trying my hand at digital artwork for a possible graphic novel release based on a game property that I was working on with a partner

5) Continuing work on several fiction projects.

So, you know, the usual.

Oh…political outrage news of the day: The Bush administration, in it’s fervor to release yet another terror alert (see below), blew the cover of mole within Al-Queda who was participating in a sting to round up other operatives. Good thing that it’s really, really easy to infiltrate the organization, otherwise this would be a major fuck up….oh, wait a minute.

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