So, Gencon is currently filling Indianapolis with clouds of gamer-funk….and my funk, sadly, is not adding to the mix. Over the past 13 years or so, I’ve only missed GenCon 3 times, including this one…so it feels a bit strange to be reading floor reports and seeing web snapshots and not be a part of it. I’ll be trying to get to GenCon SoCal, though, which is in December, when my schedule is less insane. (Hopefully)

According to Nicole Lindroos’ weblog, Ryan Dancey had the balls to show up, which, given the combined factors of his recent public unmasking as a ethically-stunted fucknugget, and the fact that I’m not sure if he actually DOES anything in the industry any more, is simply stunning. I guess that he and the Board that he got elected are hoping that the whole mess just blows over.

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