Election Day

I went out and voted, which I’ve been waiting to do with bated breath for 4 years.

Filled out my little optical-scan ballot, reliving my days of the SAT….I was kinda surprised by that, actually–I expected mechanical voting booths here in Lawrence.

Got my little “I Voted, Unless Some Slimeball Republican Files a Suit to Challenge My Eligibility” Sticker.

…and while we’re on that particular subject: Fuck you, American media. Because you’re trying to be “balanced”, you’re all referring to “Partisan Challengers” working at various polling sites around the country….and yet, in EVERY INSTANCE, the people in question are Republicans. Just fucking come right out and say it, won’t you? Saying “partisan challengers” makes it sound like it’s a both-sides kinda thing, when it obviously is not. Because, gods know, if you said “Republican challengers” or “Conservative challengers”, people might figure out that the RNC is so terrified of today’s outcome that they’ve already started to fuck with it.

*sigh* Sorry. Had to get that one off my chest.

I’ll close with ‘s quiz thing, behind the cut:

Take the quiz: “What Annoying KCRF Character Are You?”

Cocky Idiot
You could be likable if you weren’t such an egotistical bastard. However that’s damn near impossible since you work so hard at being the best, even if you aren’t. Yes, you do have talent, just not as much as you think you do. If you just spent more time showing your real side to people instead of going out of your way trying to impress them, then you’d be okay. What does it matter? You’re just that good! It’s totally understandable that people are jealous of you, after all it’s great to be great.

Ouch. Well, I actually tied with “Never Out of Character Performer”, which means that yet again, and I are on the same page. There’s a shock, right?

…and there ya have it.

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