News Of Interest To Fellow Geeks….

First of all, Fantasy Flight Games is getting out of the generic D20 biz (they’ll continue with their proprietary setting, Midnight, but that’s it)–so, they’re doing a warehouse clearance on all of their Legends & Lairs generic D20 sourcebooks. Excellent stuff, all of it, and written by some great folks as well. They’re selling hardcovers for FIVE BUCKS A POP, for as long as they last. I just grabbed a few that I needed, and I suggest you do the same while they last. Click here to go to the list of products.

Second, for my fellow Elizabethan geeks, there’s a new movie coming out: The New World, set in 1607, and starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Plummer, Wes Studi, and directed by Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line). Click the link, watch the trailer. Attention, Festival Women: Mr. Farrell in a leather doublet. ‘Nuff said.

4 Replies to “News Of Interest To Fellow Geeks….”

  1. Yeah, and it is the colin farrel part that distresses me. I am not at all sure he isn’t getting roles that a wide variety of hot men could be getting instead. I am prepared to change my mind, hoever, should evidence of his worthiness be presented ;-)

    But yeah, of *course* it will be seen, and happily critiqued. I look forward to yours, as someone in the know about things that are foggy to me history-wise.

  2. The armour looked right. Not entirely sure about Mr. Farrell’s look, which seemed to be shirtless under a doublet. So very Not Done. The rest of the costuming looked pretty spiff.

  3. I’m torn on seeing it or not (saw a preview before Spiderman 2 dvd)…I really don’t like Colin Farrell…so…

    That…and I couldn’t get a good judgement off of Mike’s Native American radar either….

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