Friday Music

I’m gonna give a shot at actually producing non-meme CONTENT on this thing (*gasp!* Shock! Horror!).

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m really into music. I produce my own stuff (of the electronic variety), and listen to a wide array–most of it fairly obscure. One of the things that I love doing is sharing discoveries with others. So, every Friday, I’m going to link to thinks I like….and I’m not talking aboutinfo about the artists or albums. I’m going to link to mp3 files, so you can listen, save it, what have you. Think of it as a weekly mixtape, from me to you.

This week’s offerings:

@nubis – Martinette Swing. @nubis is the name under which I compose electronic music. This is a track from my earliest effort, 1999’s Initial Eyes. (The file is hosted by iuma, and will take FOREVER to download. Sorry about that…but please give it a listen anyway.)

The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #3 (Power Out). A track from Montreal-based Next Big Thing. Their shows are getting some serious attention from folks like Bowie and Byrne, and they’ve been recently name-checked on “Gilmore Girls,” so it’s looking like break-big time for them. What makes them different is that they actually deserve the attention.

Michael J. Sheehy – Just Love Me. This one hooked me as soon as I heard it. Minimal instrumentation (guitar, piano, tamborine), a great voice, and some great lyrics about the perils of being a guy with a bisexual SO.

Chiba-Ken – The Distance From Here. For those of you who like stuff leaning more into the harder, sorta-emo stuff…a demo single from one of the guys who I used to work with in the game biz, Josh Jaffe, whose band Chiba-Ken is looking like it might be on the verge of discovery, given how many gigs they’re playing at places like CBGBs and The Continental in NYC, and now they’re touring out of the city as well.

Jill Tracy – The Fine Art of Poisoning: Imagine jazzy parlour music which fuses together Tom Waites and Cruella DeVille. Jill Tracy has the femme fatale purr down pat, and this song, which features her backed up by a strings group called The Malcontent Orchestra, slinks along deliciously.

I think that’s it for this week, cats and kittens. Enjoy.