More Doctor Who

You’ll have to forgive me. My favorite television series of all time is coming back after 16 years, so I’m a bit excited.

Some more costume shots came out in the UK press today:

Apparently, this little fella (whom you’ve seen here before) is called the Moxx of Balhoon:

The “Face of Boe”, described as “the head of an alien, preserved in a vat of life-giving fluid, protected by two “staff-children” :”

These are only labeled as “aliens” —apparently, all of these images are from the second episode of the series, “The End of the World”, which features alien ambassadors arriving at a space station in the far future to witness the end of the earth:

…and, lastly, a tree-like alien ambassador:

and, because I realize that some of you haven’t seen him yet, here’s a shot of the new Doctor, with his companion, Rose:

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here, geeking out.

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