Why I love Lawrence (part 326 in a continuing series)

Take the new advertising slogan unveiled a couple months back by the state of Kansas: “Kansas: As Big As You Think.”

Add the fact that the upcoming statewide April ballot has a Gay Marriage ban constitutional amendment that is sure to pass, thanks to Ma & Pa Kettle and the Baby Jeebus,

Mix well in a university town that has been traditionally liberal since it’s foundation by anti-slavery Jayhawkers in the mid-19th century, and:

(For sale at “Third Planet” 846 Massachusetts St., Lawrence KS 66044 phone: 785-843-6871)

3 Replies to “Why I love Lawrence (part 326 in a continuing series)”

  1. I saw that on a car last week and wondered where it came from.

    Wonder what my parent’s would say if I had that on my car when I went home next…..

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